Friday, April 3, 2009

Lady J's 39 clues

The 39 Clues

Book 1 The Maze of Bones

The 39 clues is about a contest some of the Cahills where invited to. Amy and Dan have to win the contest so they don't have to live with their auntBeatriss. She is a mean aunt who doesn't like Amy and Dan at all! Help Amy and Dan escape social serves . Go to WWW.39 and start your own adventure for the 39clues.Must have parent approval. Must also have parent supervision first time you play.

I had to send a note to tell the teacher she was not copying the back of the book because it sounds like such an advertisment.

Book 2 One False Note

In The 39 Clues One False Note you learn about different famous people (Otherwise known as Cahills) who have made history to a lot of the people on earth.(Unless your Dan of course) Amy is, as Dan calls her, a major brainyach (or Dan's sister). In #2 they (or you) learn about Mozart and a little bit about Maire Antoinette. Their family will do any thing for then not to win the contest. If you're Amy and Dan you're never safe. With Social Services and their cousins after them it's hard to stay hidden. while having to do so many risky things. But they survive, at least for now? Especially in One False Note. Amy and Dan have the privilege to learn Mozart's famous KV617. A famous music peace written by Mozart himself KV617 is played on the glass harmonica. A beautiful instrument made by Franklin(who you learn about in book #1) himself. It's a fragile thing so don't let a kid by it!

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