Friday, April 3, 2009

Help me with clues

OK Big T, Lady J and mom are trying to figure out what the clue inside the page numbers on book 3 are. If anyone else is reading these books and have figured out what the clues are please let us know. I will leave the answers to the other 2 books, page number clues in the comments so that everyone else does not have to have the spoilers also. They are based off of symbols with the page numbers and I am just looking for the code to decipher it.
Book 1 The Maze of Bones Code is:--1,14,14,5, ,3,1,8,9,12,12, ,4,9,4, ,14,15,20, ,4,18,15,23,14
Book 2 One False Note Code is:-------KNNJ SN HMCHZ
Book 3 The Sword Thief Code is:------


Layton Gals said...

Book 1 has a clue that you also find out in mission one on the web site. It is Anne did not drown
Book 2 is the clue you find out in mission 2. It is Look to India.
So I am assuming that the Mission 3 will reveal the clue to book 3 but I want to get it before Mission 3 comes out which is this month some time.

Layton Gals said...

Book 3 clue is The Competition is about Hope. You kind of figure out the clue in the mission 3 but not really since you have been reading about the diamonds online stuff. Go and play you will see.