Monday, May 11, 2009

Book Reviews and More: 39 Clues

Help has arrived. I feel stupid. The key to the symbols is on the inside cover of the book on the trowing star. Thanks to these to sites I have figured it out. Thanks. I also found a new clue which I will again post in my comments so that I have it easily accessed for later. Don't look if you don't want the spoiler.

Book Reviews and More: 39 Clues - Card Pack 1
Wiki Bruce -The 39 Clues
The above link amazes me how much info they have. They give each chapter and the puzzles in the book. They also helped me remember why I did not have one of the clues because I spaced out on the announcement. It has been lots of fun. The kids and I have not been reading it lately since I have felt to bad but I hope we can start reading it again soon. I just need to remember to take my drugs sooner I guess.

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Layton Gals said...

Ok Wiki Bruce gives the info that on the covers there is always a word too.
Book 1 IANREDL- Meaning either Ian Red L or Ireland
Book 3 is zxv meaning ACE Supposedly it will make a sentence at the end