Monday, March 2, 2009

The 39 Clues book 1 and book 2

Well here is a copy of Big T's report with his project. He is very proud of it. He did the work himself with some help on computer searches from mom.


The 39 clues is about two kids who try to win a contest. The kids names' are Dan and Amy. Some of their cousins will try to stop them; but they escape every time. The prize is a legendary power. They all want the special power and they all try to stop each other. Their cousins are in the contest too. In this book Amy and Dan have to stay away from social services or they might do something bad. They sometimes have to do dangerous and tricky stuff to stay alive. All in a search for 39 clues.

In book 1 The Maze of Bones you are learning about Ben Franklin he did an essay on farts. Which I thought was funny. He also liked to play with batteries.

In book 2 One False Note they fought on a train. They jumped out of a building. You are learning about Mozart. He was a composer. He wrote kv617 and many famous classical songs.

If you like mystery stories then these books would be the books for you.
by Big T

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Bonnie the Boss said...

He looks so much like his dad in that pic.
Great job on the report!