Sunday, March 1, 2009


OK so I have not been involved in the blog. I am not really liking sitting right now as those of you who know me would understand so sitting to blog is not happening. Good thing this is a blog of 2 sisters so you can at least get a bit of an update. Well Big T and Lady J want me to share with everyone how fun it is to read. They are miles ahead of me when I was a kid. They are loving to read just about anything but together we are reading the most fun series in the world...well one of the better ones. It is The 39 Clues. We are looking forward with anticipation to the 3rd book coming out on Tuesday. We just all thought you should check it out. Be careful though you might like it. We know we have. I might post the kids reports up here tomorrow so you can see how they feel about it. They have done quite a lot of work on them.

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Bonnie the Boss said...

Cool! I am excited to have Spence reaad them