Sunday, August 14, 2011

Facebook Takes over

So I guess that I am now a facebook addict too. Not that I ever kept up with this blog like I could have but now I never even expected it to be here still. If you want to see pictures go and see the site linked above also called If you want to see how I am doing...Call. I still suck at texting and although I have a FB I am hard to find. I had to get one for my family cause I never knew about events like births, until after everyone started talking about it. I had to get it also for my neighbors. I found that I never knew what my neighbors were in need of cause you don't knock on the door for sugar anymore, you FB it. WOW what have we come to...And yet now I FB it too cause "When in Rome" I will yearly keep a post on here... or sooner if I remember. Thanks for your love while I keep trying to understand this social media. I see the positive, but also wonder where did the personal attention go when we try and keep up with people we don't even know.

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