Friday, October 1, 2010

Lady J Solo

Lady J did this performance last spring. I hope it works and you enjoy it. Please tell me if you can't view it.


Anonymous said...

2 comments that were made but got moved:
I could hear it okay and Lady J was the best! What a great voice for someone so young. Keep up the good work - take lessons if necessary - your g g grandpa McAllister would be very proud of you.
By Loveably Moody on Lady J Solo on 1/26/11

Yes we saw it and Lady J did great!
By Aunt Kiwi on Lady J Solo on 12/3/10

Gimpy Mom said...

She is in lessons twice a week. One is Piano/Singing and the other is this Performance group. She is loving it.

Marilee said...

Hey, was this The Sunshine Generation? My daughter was in SG and loved it. Lady J did great, she has a really pretty voice.